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2019 so far:

  • 70,000 customers affected in B&Q security breach
  • Billions of files compromised
  • Over 140 airlines affected by data breach
  • 202 million Chinese CVs stolen
  • More than 1 million student records leaked

..and that’s just a fraction of the cyber crime reports we found with a quick Google search.

Computer hacking is the biggest threat of our time.

Unlike other offences where it’s usually easy to identify a crime scene, victim and offender – cyber crime is anonymous and can happen from thousands of miles away.

Which is precisely how hackers manage to commit crimes time and time again. Stealing millions in the process.

The bottom line is this: If you haven’t already been hit by cyber criminals, it’s only a matter of time

Because they’re not after your specific business, as such. They’re after ALL businesses ALL of the time.

It’s exhausting keeping up with all the security holes and making sure they are screwed tightly shut. But it’s what our team does every day of every week.

Don’t take the risk. We’re always happy to do a full security review with you. To help you sleep better at night.

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