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Here’s why you need to move fast

This promises to be an exciting decade for technology, with predictions ranging from flying cars and holidays to the moon (yeah right), to paper thin mobile phones (that sounds more like it).

It’s going to be a time of great change. Which is one of the reasons why Microsoft has been so keen to phase out its old software in favour of more up-to-date, 2020-compatible software.

It’s killing Windows 7, Office 2010 and a whole host of other important software, on January 14th. This is what’s known as The 2020 Problem.

The bad news about that is, if you’re still using this old unsupported software, you’re now running your business on borrowed time.

IT experts like us have been warning business owners about The 2020 Problem for the past year. We’ve seen first-hand the impact that fail- ing, unsupported software can have on an organisation.

Once software is no longer supported by the maker (in this case Microsoft), it can be a real pain trying to keep it working properly.

New bugs won’t be fixed. Hackers can exploit loopholes without anyone closing them. And you’re not compliant with GDPR if you use out-of- date software.

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