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Site Maintenance

Websites that are not maintained correctly are more likely to develop issues with usability, underperform in search engines and even be hacked or compromised. The cost to then recover from these hacks or breaches can be an unplanned and become a burden, as well as the effect on your business having its services interrupted or down. Cyber crime is a real threat to businesses in today’s world and hackers are targeting websites, mostly random these attack aim to do a few key things:

  • Annoyance – Causing trouble simply just because they can, they deem it to be an ‘achievement’.
  • Spam – Taking control of your domain or website for other uses such as spam emails, viruses, unwanted content.
  • Data Theft/Ransom – Theft of customer or personal data that might be stored on the website, adding ransom demands to exploit.

Content Management Systems

Your Content Management System will be updated frequently to patch potential security holes, the updates will be done in a staging environment first to ensure no harm to the live website before the changes are then pushed live. Ensuring these updates are completed is vital to the security of your site. Potential warning signs like these indicate your site needs attention:

  • Page loading times are getting slower
  • Error message appearing
  • Abandoned carts increase in frequency
  • Customer complaints
  • Components start to break
  • Traffic levels are high, conversion rates are low

Support Packages

We offer a range of programs to match your business and operational needs. The monthly programs include standard checks and actions, as well as different levels of studio time and resources.

Task#1 Update#2 Protect#3 Complete
Website BackupsYesYesYes
Platform & Plugin UpdatesYesYesYes
Broken Link Scan & FixYesYesYes
Real Time FirewallYesYes
Country BlockingYesYes
Malware ScanningYes
Two Factor AuthenticationYes
SupportEmailEmail + PhoneEmail + Phone
Studio Hours1 Hour2 Hours3 Hours
Monthly Fee£40 pm£75 pm£99 pm
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