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In January 2020 Microsoft is ending the life of some of its most popular products, including Office 2010, Windows 7, and selected business server software. That presents businesses everywhere with several problems:

  • When outdated software breaks, it can’t be fixed. Not only is Microsoft withdrawing this software, they’re ending all support for it too.
  • There are no patches or updates for old software, leaving businesses still using it lagging behind their competitors.
  • Old software costs more to run. Companies that upgrade to smarter, faster, more secure operating systems and migrate to the cloud save a fortune over time, with drastically reduced capital costs.
  • Hackers love end of life software, because it’s far easier to exploit. The combination of no more security updates and lots of unpatched holes makes it a prime target for cyber criminals.
  • Organisations that fail to protect their customers’ data are not compli- ant with GDPR. One of the main criteria of the new regulation is that you have to use up-to-date, secure software, so if yours is falling short all the hard work you did last year will have been for nothing.

The way people do business has changed. Today’s working environment is flexible and globalised, with more people working from home and other remote locations. As the world becomes more connected, customers and staff expect to be able to access all the information they need from anywhere, at any time.

The digital transformation means that we’re no longer tied to desks – our offices move with us wherever we go. Microsoft has led the business software market for decades, and they’re now encouraging everyone to move to their popular cloud productivity suite Office 365.

Like any big project, an IT upgrade can quickly become a bit of a nightmare without the right support. If it isn’t your strong point, you’ll almost certainly find it easier and a lot less stressful to find someone else to manage the whole process on your behalf.

Outsourcing your IT upgrade makes good business sense, for the following reasons:

  • It’s more cost effective. Outsourcing saves time, money and – when you choose the right provider – gives you access to the best deals
  • Experts do a better job, because this is what they do day in day out. Tasks will be completed to a higher standard, faster, without any
    of the hassle
  • You’ll be able to access extra staff as and when you need them, rather than having to recruit in house
  • Your IT partner will deal with everything from procurement to project planning to risk management – helping you sleep better at night

The 2020 problem is a very real issue that no business owner should ignore.

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