Are you storing backups locally still?

Local backups are poor because:

1. Huge unpacking of data
2. Takes ages to sift through backup
3. Backed up on site
4. Hard disks locally unsafe
5. Backup cycles will miss data at crucial times
6. Malicious employees

Our Modern Backup Solutions

£80 per user / per month

LAN Replication

  • Instant Failover
  • Replication server kicks in straight away
  • Uptime 99.99%

Data Center

  • Seats on 26 different data centers
  • Automatic Backups
  • Realtime Backup
  • Backup Reports
  • Restore data quickly


  • Backup to the Cloud
  • Failover to the Cloud
  • Cloud VM


  • Realtime Recovery
  • No need to unpack backup (20+ Hours)
  • Version changes, keeps previous backups
  • Data protected against Virus & Malware
  • Instant Failover
  • Less that 1% downtime
  • Data Mirroring
  • Encrypted Replication


  • Data Center is bandwidth dependent
  • Additional hardware needed (costs)
  • LAN Replication vulnerable to fire & theft

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