13th February 2020

Nine ways to get your staff on board with cyber security

Think you’ve got your cyber security covered? Think again. New strains of malware are constantly being discovered. That’s because as […]

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3rd February 2020

Here’s how to make project communication as easy as possible

Managing multiple projects with lots of different contributors can be a real headache. Unless you use one of the world’s […]

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7th January 2020

❌ Windows 7 has now reached end of life ❌

Here’s why you need to move fast This promises to be an exciting decade for technology, with predictions ranging from […]

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2nd January 2020

Now you can translate languages within your Office 365 documents

If you need to translate documents and you’re relying on Google to do it, there’s now an easier way. Microsoft […]

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16th December 2019

A clever way to replay notes you’ve scribbled on a document

Using Word, PowerPoint and Excel is so much fun now. Because there are so many things you can do with […]

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9th December 2019

What secrets are you giving away on social media? Watch our video

How lovely. Lisa in accounts has a brand new puppy. It’s taking over her life. There are photos on her […]

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2nd December 2019

Time is running out – so face The 2020 Problem like a hero

In January, Microsoft is killing Windows 7. Shame, as it was a great operating system. Popular yet ageing badly. When […]

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29th November 2019

No emails at the end of the day? Watch our new video!

Wouldn’t that be nice. No emails at the end of the day. No worrying that you’ve missed something important. Or […]

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19th November 2019

Get the most from your team when they are remote working

Read our Remote Working Guide With a continual increase in off-site workers confirming that it’s much more than a passing […]

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13th November 2019

Here’s a sobering fact – hackers are targeting your business right now

This is 100% true. Because hackers are targeting all businesses, all of the time. Whereas once hacking was something done […]

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5th November 2019

Do you have this Start button on any PC in your business? Then we need to talk – urgently.

This is the Start button of Windows 7, which officially dies in January. Then it’s a security risk. Because Microsoft […]

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28th October 2019

5 terrifying password stats that prove your business is at risk

If it’s so easy, why are so many companies still getting caught out by hackers? The simple answer that it’s […]

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18th October 2019

The 9 Cyber Threats you need to know about – Download our free guide

Download our full Cyber Threats guide for FREE It probably comes as no surprise to read that cyber crime is […]

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8th October 2019

Has your business been hacked? Download our free guide

Being hacked is scary. It has the potential to destroy your business and everything you’ve worked towards. And it’s no […]

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1st October 2019

Still running Windows 7 or Office 2010? In January 2020 these will become a huge security risk.

Download the full 2020 Problem Guide for FREE In January 2020 Microsoft is ending the life of some of its […]

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20th September 2019

How to make cyber security a solid part of your business’s culture

Cyber crime is the number one threat to businesses everywhere. Everyone knows about the risks, but every day thousands of […]

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11th September 2019

Does your business comply with GDPR data protection?

In the 15 months since it came in, the fines have already totalled €56m. And watchdogs say the European data […]

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3rd September 2019

Don’t fall asleep. Here’s a clever way to present data

So there’s all that data tied up in Excel. It’s actually critical data and your colleagues in the business would […]

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22nd August 2019

You won’t believe what’s on Google

2019 so far: 70,000 customers affected in B&Q security breach Billions of files compromised Over 140 airlines affected by data […]

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13th August 2019

2014 called. It wants its VOIP back

VOIP phones. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. In fact, you probably already have a VOIP system in your business. […]

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7th August 2019

Do you use Chrome?

Do any of the devices in your business use the Chrome browser? I’d be surprised if none of them did… […]

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3rd August 2019

Do your staff use “123456” as a password?

This is Thomas. A keen member of your team. He tries his best, even if he’s not the most thoughtful […]

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